From Revival to Restoration

Early on in our journey, I had numerous people talk about “restoration”: Restoration of Chris & our family; restoration of his health; restoration of his relationship with God, etc.

In reading the First 5 app this morning, Nicki Marie Koziarz writes:

“And each day God offers us a place of personal revival through the presence of the Holy Spirit. But it's up to us to step into that place, where sometimes it does, in fact, feel a little uncomfortable.”


The idea of a daily restoration & personal revival is so powerful. While it’s easy for me to hear the words about “restoration” spoken over us & apply it to Chris & his health, maybe God is also inviting me to restoration as well-to my own personal revival? How many walls have I put up that he wants to tear down? How much hurt & brokenness have I experienced that he wants to heal? How many times have I talked about a relationship with God that he’s calling me to move from talking to doing? What if it’s my heart, body & soul that God would like to restore too?

Beth Armstrong